Katheryn De Wolfe Walker became interested in Photography and staging while working as an Interior designer for 25 yeas. She wanted to be able to photograph before and after photos of her work to use in marketing and to be able to view a room through a camera lens, So she began photographing her own work. 


She studied art and printmaking at the Cranbrook Institute of Art in Bloomfield Michigan as a young girl, which sparked a love of design and art. While in high school she was one of two picked to study graphic design in an art program half of the school day in her junior and senior years. She went on to go to college where she studied Advertising design and worked several ad agencies.  She later switched her major to interior design and business, and after graduation worked for Burdines Interior Design and then Director of Design for Bloomingdales Interior Design before starting her own design business.  


What makes her unique is all her experience in design, staging, photography, and art, which set her apart from the competition. She provides design, staging, and photography. She also does acrylic portrait paintings of her photographed subjects. 


She became interested in design when she was a graphic designer and every art studio she worked in was dark and dreary and she began to redesign the spaces to be more productive and inspiring to work in. The depth of field in photography became of interest to her while studying art and photographing and staging her design work.

Katheryn has lived in Palm Beach Florida for over twenty-five years.