High School Seniors a Time for Proms, Colleges Tours, Graduation and Photos!

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Senior year is such a busy time in the life of a high school senior, between what to wear to the Prom, class trips, ACT, SAT, visiting colleges and making a decisions on what school you want to go to, to picking your major, and how to pay for college, I'm sure your head is spinning with so much to do, the last thing you may be thinking of is photos to remember this important time in your life.

But in years to come the memories will be kept alive in photos for friends and family of this very important time in your young life. Whether its a portrait of you in your cap and gown or a photo in a t-shirt letting everyone you know the college of choice has accepted you!

We can set up a location photo shoot in palm beach county at a natural environment (outdoor setting) at a park or the beach and have up to three outfit changes for $200. includes digital download or thumb drive of photos.

This is great to plan ahead if you are going to use Shutterfly

to make graduation announcements or graduation party invitations.

I also do photo editing and Photoshop if needed so there is no need to worry about not having the perfect photos!

So book your photo shoot ahead of time when you know you will be picking up your cap and gown and reserve your spot. Call Katheryn at 561-364-0074 or for more information.

Congratulations on all you have accomplished!

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